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Living expenses in London for international students:-  

Including the prestigious academic institute, The UK offers many options to the students who seek top-notch educational experience. To explore the diversity and opportunities, students mostly opt for the universities in the prominent cities of the UK. Usually, it is tough to comprehend the living expenses of the place where we will go and study.

Here, we are making things simple for you if you are looking for guidance to manage your finances for the UK study visa. 

To understand the complete cost, we can separate them into a major aspect of expenses.

A) Accommodation

First and foremost, you should be concerned with your housing costs, as they will account for a significant portion of your living expenses. You can go for either a university apartment or a private residence. For rent, Payment will be approx. £350 - £600 per month. If you choose a University apartment (halls of residence), It includes all of your other bills. On other hand, you pick private residence, you should enquire about other bills such as council tax because usually they are not included. 

You will be glad to know that you can choose Independent or shared (2 seated, or 3 seated) accommodation at both places (university lodging or private housing).


TIP: - We advise you to have accommodation nearby your campus which will help you control your travel expenses.

B) Foodstuff

After accommodation, your food expenses will be the next big thing which will cover the good part of your living costs. A student will have to spend around £150 - £300 monthly for the meal. Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner are covered in this cost. We'd like to point out that the amount of money you spend on meals is entirely dependent on your habits. How often do you opt for takeout or a restaurant meal? How skillful are you to find cheap food around you? It can reduce or increase the figure which you decide to spend on food.

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Do you take a plant-based diet or a meat-based diet can also affect your fund allocation for food.

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C) Personal

Now we will talk about charges which you pay for Personal needs such as transport, entertainment, clothes, etc.     


i) Public Transit:-   Discussing spending on transport, we would like to say, you can reduce it to a minimum if you choose to stay at halls of residence or nearby University. In case you are staying far away then we recommend you to commute via bus or tube which is quite usual in the UK. For transit facilities, the maximum charge will be £130 monthly. TIP: - You can use a Student oyster card to get a 30% discount on your travels.    


ii) Amusement:-  In the UK, students are supposed to spend some time on recreational activities which means they will pay some spare bucks as well. It gives them a chance to comprehend the local culture. There are so many activities and fun events students can take part in and enjoy. Moreover, the cost can go up or lessen based on your style of having fun. The estimate of your payment on entertainment will be around £150 - £200 monthly.  


It is really hard to guess the exact amount of Living expenses in the UK. It depends on various variables of a Student’s lifestyle. We can have an idea about the approximate amount. It revolves around £ 9207 - £12006 per annum.


The information which helps you to explore more while controlling your budget at the same time:-

  • If you are an art lover and want to visit the exhibition gallery. You can visit places literally at no cost. Several Museum halls do not charge students.

  • Unidays is a portal where you can find a discount on things related to food, cloth, shoes, etc.

  • ISIC and Groupon both are portals dedicated to providing attractive deals to the student at economical prices.

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