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As we all know most of the students pursue study abroad with the dream of migrating there.
In the hope of better life quality and superior employability opportunities, we look up to developed countries. When we aim to get into one of them, the option of a study visa emerges as the easiest way to reach there.
Higher success rates, fewer complications, and easy processing are the major specialties of a study visa that appeal to applicants so much.

The process of acquiring PR in 5 easy steps

1). Get your CAS to confirm your admission to the University.

In the path of PR via study visa, securing the CAS  is the first step. At the time you complete all the conditions and deposit the required sum, you will achieve a CAS. CAS means your institute has checked your authenticity and has confirmed your seat. University issues confirmation of Acceptance of Study letter which will be a nod to proceed for Visa.


2). Acquire your VISA by fulfilling the Paperwork.

It is advisable that after securing your CAS, aim to get a visa as soon as possible. To enter and start your study in the UK you need a valid visa. To apply for VISA, you must be ready with relevant documents such as your Passport, financial proof, your CAS, your medical report. Some of the students can be asked for an interview randomly by officials. Generally, you will get your visa within 15 days of applying.


3). Part-time work practice

While your study we strongly recommend opting for internship and part-time work. It will benefit not only your career but your dream of PR as well. You can look up your university department for an internship and It is not hard to find a work opportunity. The experience of work culture will enable you to get employment after the study and pave the way robustly to PR. 20 hours a week is the legal timeline students can work up to. We do not advocate working more than legal hours. It can bring adverse effects on your study as well as your moral conduct.


4). Look for and obtain a decent job after study

The most important thing to make your dream of PR come true is to get successfully employed after your study. Recently the UK govt has started PSW again so after successfully completing your study you will be eligible for 2 years of Post-study Work visa. If a student is able to get this visa, he can seek and do any kind of job in the UK for 2 years. His intention should be to get permanent employment so he can convert it into a work visa after this period.
Every year, a number of International students convert their tier 4 study visas into tier 2 work visas. In case you missed getting a tier 2 work visa there are a few other options available in which he can establish a business there. Most multinational companies have their offices in the UK so students have the option of searching for lucrative opportunities over there.


5). Apply for PR (Permanent Resident)

Here we have reached our goal to be a Permanent Resident in the UK. Being a Permanent resident in the UK means you have acquired “indefinite leave to remain (ILR) Visa”. Working for 5 years on a work visa is a primary requirement to be eligible for ILR. Apart from this, you should maintain a record of good moral conduct and zero criminal histories. Your chances of being rewarded with ILR will increase if you have secured a full-time job with a  stable income.


We end this article here and wish you the best of luck on your journey to Permanent Residence in the UK.


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