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Germany made it mandatory for Indian international students to get APS (Academic Evaluation Centre) certificate. Students need to get their academic records assessed by APS to prove the authenticity of their education. Students cannot apply for a student visa Germany without having an APS certificate. So, if you plan to study in Germany, this blog is surely helpful for you.

What is APS Certificate in Germany?

The APS is a joint institution of the German Embassy's cultural department and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). International students are asked to submit various transcripts while applying to German Universities. APS thoroughly checks the authenticity of these transcripts and whether they are positive and further approves students for application.

Students applying to German universities mandatorily need to get approved by APS to proceed with their visa application process. The fee for an APS certificate is 18,000 (non-refundable). Whether the student pursues an undergraduate or postgraduate course, they need an APS certificate for both.

From November 1st 2022, all student visa applications will require an APS certificate along with other documents. Students also need to submit their English proficiency exam scores in the visa application process. The German embassy does not accept common English proficiency tests like Duo lingo, PTE, and MOI.

Recognised Test by German Embassy

In any country, international students want to pursue their higher education; students applying need to prove their language proficiency. Several test scores can prove this. In Germany, if one wishes to study desired or preparatory courses, they need to have at least a B-2 level in the language of instruction.

German embassy approves only a few language certificates. These are:

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What Is the TestAS Exam

Non-European students who to continue their higher education in Germany can appear for the TestAS examination. It is a central, standardised scholastic aptitude test that assesses students based on cognitive and intellectual abilities. The German Academic Exchange Service conducts this examination and can be taken in German, English and Arabic languages. The Arabic language test is taken in some special scenarios only. TestAS is divided into three parts:

  1. On-screen language test
  2. The Core Test
  3. Subject Specific Test Modules

This test will become mandatory for UG who are applying after January 1st 2023. The fee for this exam is €80 (approx.)

Why Should You Give the TestAS Examination

The exam has become mandatory for students aspiring to study in Italy. But, it holds many benefits that are:

  • A test is a self-assessment tool. One can assess their skills and intellectual ability by appearing for this exam. It will enable the student to assess whether they are competent enough to take up the chosen course or not.
  • TestAS certificate can be used in various other universities too. The exam score is not restricted to European universities.
  • Once you've got the APS certificate, it is valid indefinitely. One does not give it again for studying further. If any personal detail of the student has changed that doesn't fit the eligibility criteria, then they have to acquire the APS certificate again.

Tests Registration Process

One who needs to give the TestAS examination needs to register themselves beforehand; the registration process is:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Fill up the form by providing all necessary details like email address, contact number, identify proof etc
  3. After this, one will receive a confirmation mail after the username and password are generated
  4. With the username and password, one can log into the portal and book a suitable test date for them
  5. During the registration, the students need to select the language of the exam, core subject and any one module
  6. To complete the registration process, one has to pay the exam fees at the end.

Exam Pattern

Through TestAs, students can book a space for themselves in top German universities thanks to the test format.

  • Four subject-specific modules are available to students at the time of registration: Humanities, Cultural Studies, Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences, Engineering, Economics and Social Science.
  • It's crucial to be aware that each TestAS exam consists of a core test, an online language test, and a subject-specific module.
  • Onscreen is a 30-minute test that measures an applicant's general language skills in either German or English.
  • The Core Test looks at a candidate's fundamental abilities that are necessary for all academic courses.

TestAs Centres in India

In total there are 8 test centres are in India. These are:

  • Goethe-Institute Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai
  • British Council Examinations and English Services India – Bangalore
  • British Council Examinations and English Services India – Chennai
  • British Council Examinations and English Services India – Kolkata
  • British Council Examinations and English Services India – New Delhi
  • Max Mueller Bhavan / Goethe-Institute Bangalore
  • British Council Examinations and English Services India – Mumbai
  • Goethe-Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi abilities are necessary for all academic courses.

Test as Results

The results can be viewed or downloaded from the official website. One needs to log into the portal with their generated username and password. Further, they can check the result.

Remember, no test taker is notified about the result; students have to visit the website by themselves after 4 weeks to check the result

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Top Universities in Germany

There are several universities in Germany that offer exceptional education at a low cost. One can study various courses in these universities. Some top universities in Germany are:

  1. University of Duisburg-Essen
  2. University of Gottingen
  3. HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences
  4. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  5. Technical University of Berlin
  6. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
  7. International School of Management (ISM)
  8. Kiel University
  9. htw saar - University of Applied Sciences

There are several universities in Germany that one can choose to study in. get in touch with experienced study abroad counsellors today to avoid making mistakes. Help from an educational counsellor can make you collect all the documents at once and will surely simplify your admission process. Call us today at 1800-1230-00011 or mail us at application02@meridean.org .


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