Upcoming Intake in UK Universities for January 2024


03 July 2023



International students seeking a top-notch education and a diverse cultural experience frequently choose the United Kingdom as their preferred location. Although the typical September/October intake continues to be the most popular, several UK institutions also offer a January intake, offering a fantastic option for students who missed the September deadline or preferred a mid-academic year start.


It is also the upcoming intake in UK 2024 to study in the country. It makes this time of utmost importance if you are planning to study in UK in the January intake. This blog will provide insights on the January intake universities in UK, exploring the January intake, its courses, timeline, advantages, etc.


A little About the January Intake

A January intake refers to a study start date that falls in January, typically for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This alternative intake allows students to begin their studies in the middle of the academic year and still benefit from the same academic resources and support as those who start in September. It provides flexibility for students who may have missed the traditional intake or wish to align their study plans with their circumstances.


Why Study in the January Intake in UK?

The UK is popular study-abroad destination, and the September intake is the major intake. Why January intake? Fall intake is the priority of students when planning to study in UK. But sometimes, you might not get admission, reject your visa, or miss the deadline.


There are several reasons why you should apply for January intake universities in UK rather than in September. Here are some of the most significant ones of the UK Jan intake 2024.


  • The UK January intake gives you more time to prepare for college applications.

  • The Jan intake in UK gives you enough time to choose the course that suits you the best. Check whether the course you wish to study is available in the January intake.

  • UK Jan intake provides ample time to take preparatory courses in case you are offered a conditional offer letter and still need to meet any eligibility criteria.

  • Since the January intake in UK is not the primary intake, it gives you a better opportunity to get accepted to the university of your choice due to a lower competition rate. It is easy to stand out in this intake with a decent profile.

  • Again, because this intake is the secondary intake, the accommodation options are cheaper than if you move to the UK in the fall intake.

  • As the expected course completion date is likely to place them in the market for newly trained and qualified hires at the right moment, students applying during the January intakes in the UK will likely gain equal benefits to those applying in September, if not more.  


Top Universities

The UK is home to many of the top universities in the world. From the University of Cambridge to the University of London, the institutions in the UK have their own popularity and global standing. These universities offer admission in different intakes to domestic and international students.


While most of the courses are offered in the fall intake, the January intake is also quite popular. It offers a chance to apply to your dream university again without wasting time waiting for the fall intake again. So let's look at what universities offer admission in this intake so that you can shortlist and apply accordingly.


  • The University of Leeds 

  • Birbeck University of London 

  • Queens’s University Belfast

  • The City University of London 

  • Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Northumbria University 

  • The University of Birmingham 

  • Brunel University

  • The University of Stirling 

  • The University of Leeds 

  • The Queen Mary University of London 

  • Middlesex University

  • Aston University 

  • The University of Liverpool

  • University of Portsmouth 

  • Bedfordshire University

  • Wrexham Glyndwr University

  • Newcastle University

  • Sheffield Hallam University

  • The University of Liverpool 

  • The University of Lincoln 

  • University of South Wales

  • University of Central Lancashire 

  • University of Brighton 

  • University of Greenwich 

  • University of Derby 

  • University of Buckingham 

  • University of Strathclyde

  • University of Glasgow 

  • London Metropolitan University

  • Bournemouth University 

  • University of Kent 

  • University of Hertfordshire 

  • University of Aberdeen

  • Bangor University 

  • University of Bolton 

  • Keele University 

  • University of Leicester


Top Courses

Some of the top courses in the January Intake 2024 in UK for international students are listed below.


  • Business Administration 

  • Data Science 

  • Accounting 

  • Marketing 

  • Management Studies 

  • Computing 

  • Artificial Intelligence 

  • Civil Engineering 

  • Finance

  • Engineering Management

  • International Business Management 

  • Law

  • LLM Criminal Justice 

  • Criminology 

  • Design 

  • Biotechnology 

  • Linguistics and TESOL 



A few UK universities provide the Winter Intake option for selected programmes. The Winter Intake is an option for students who either failed to apply already or could not apply to the desired programme because there were no spaces available.


If you are unable to go sooner on your desired dates, the option becomes available again later. Before applying, you should verify the UK universities' Jan Intake 2024 deadline. You must start preparing for the admissions process a year before the deadline for submitting application materials.


Getting ready to apply for the January intake means you have to follow a proper timeline to get things done, like shortlisting the university, fulfilling the admission requirements, getting documents ready, etc.


The basic timeline for the January intake 2024 is mentioned below for you to follow.

Timeline for January Intake 2024 to Study in UK


In this time period, you must start researching and shortlisting universities based on the course you wish to study. Also, carefully read all the eligibility criteria of the shortlisted universities.


In this time period, you must prepare and appear for all the English language proficiency or any other entrance exam and fulfil the required score requirements.

August -September

By August and September, you must gather all the documents you must submit to the university at the time of application. You must also start applying to the shortlisted universities.


Generally, universities send offer letters during this period. So, wait for the admission conditional or unconditional offer letter. Accept the one that aligns the best with your requirements.

November -December

If you require financial funding to study at the university you received an offer letter from, then in this period, you must start looking for a scholarship. You must also make accommodation arrangements and start all the necessary preparations for your departure.


Fly to the UK and start your study abroad endeavour.

Note: The above timeline is just an attempt to make you understand the sequence of events and how you should manage all the preparations. This may vary depending on you or your institute and other factors.


If you have already appeared for the English language proficiency tests, then this process gets shortened. But you must adjust if you need additional time to prepare for language or any other exam.



Q. Is there a January intake in UK universities?

A. Yes, many UK universities offer January intake to international students for a variety of courses. You can check these universities as mentioned above and can get full details on their official website.


Q. When should I apply for January intake in UK?

A. January intake applications for UK universities start around June. Deadlines vary according to the university and are mentioned on the website. You should prepare your documents before June and apply as soon as possible.


Q. Is UK January intake good?

A. The January intake in UK is a good option for students who missed the fall intake. Many universities are offering a wide variety of courses for students to choose from. It is the perfect solution for not wanting to waste one more year waiting for the fall intake and starting your studies in the UK. Additionally, the January intake is ideal for you if you wish to study in UK but require additional time to complete extracurricular activities or entrance exams.


Q. How to apply for January 2023 intake in UK?

A. First, select the course and the university you wish to apply to. Then check the eligibility criteria and list of prerequisites. You can apply through the university’s website or UCAS or seek help from our expert study abroad counsellors.



To conclude, January intake in UK is the window to many opportunities and starting your academic journey to study in UK. It serves as the perfect backup plan in case you miss the fall intake. Although the intake is less popular than the September intake, it still serves its purpose quite nicely. If you wish to study in UK in the January intake 2024, you must start preparing now and apply within the set deadline.


Research the university and course properly and choose the one that meets your needs.  By understanding the application process and exploring the available options, prospective students can embark on an enriching educational journey in the UK in 2024. If you plan accordingly, being one of the early applicators is easy. So, plan accordingly and keep the university mentioned above on the list while applying for the January intake 2024. We wish you luck!


We hope you had an insightful read about the January intake universities in UK. If you would like to get a deeper insight into how to study in the UK, we encourage you to speak with our team of expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). Our counsellors will provide you with guidance throughout your study abroad journey. Get help with the application process, SOPs and filing for a visa. Visit us and get one-to-one counselling or avail yourself of free video counselling via our website. We will be happy to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us at or 1800-1230-00011.

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