List of Courses at University of Warwick, UK

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Under graduate Post graduate
Undergraduate - 3h
Law with Humanities BA (UCAS MV21)
Undergraduate - 3c
Biomedical Science MBio (UCAS C1A3)
Ancient History and Classical Archaeology (UCAS VV14)
Civil Engineering BEng (UCAS H200)
Computer Science MEng (UCAS G403)
Biomedical Science with Placement Year BSc (UCAS CB19)
Undergraduate - 3c
Mathematics and Statistics BSc (UCAS GG13)
Politics BA (UCAS L200)
Mathematics and Philosophy BA/BSc (UCAS GV15)
Physics (MPhys) (UCAS F303)
Undergraduate - 3c
Undergraduate - 3h
Engineering MEng (UCAS H102)
Automotive Engineering BEng (UCAS H330)
Mathematics and Physics BSc (UCAS GF13)
Economic Studies and Global Sustainable Development BASc (UCAS L1L8)
Undergraduate - 3h
Data Science BSc (UCAS 7G73)
Mechanical Engineering MEng (UCAS H302)
Systems Engineering BEng (UCAS HH35)
Chemistry BSc (UCAS F100)
Undergraduate - 3h
Politics, Philosophy and Law BA (UCAS V7MW)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng (UCAS H605)
Undergraduate - 4g
Biochemistry BSc (UCAS C700)
Global Sustainable Development and Business Studies (BASc) (UCAS L8N1)
Undergraduate - 3h
Computer Systems Engineering BEng (UCAS G406)
Physics BSc (UCAS F300)
Mathematics MMath (UCAS G103)
Computer Science with Business Studies BSc (UCAS GN42)
Undergraduate - 3d
English Literature BA (UCAS Q300)
Mechanical Engineering BEng (UCAS H300)
Economics, Psychology and Philosophy (EPP) BA or BSc (UCAS L1CA)
Undergraduate - 3h
Undergraduate - 3g
Philosophy BA (UCAS V500)
Undergraduate - 3c
Undergraduate - 3c
Global Sustainable Development BASc (UCAS L8A1)
Law and Business Studies BA (UCAS MN11)
Undergraduate - 3f
Politics and International Studies BA (UCAS L260)
International Management BSc (UCAS N290)
Undergraduate - 3b
Undergraduate - Neuroscience BSc (UCAS B140)
Undergraduate - 3c
Undergraduate - History BA (UCAS V100)
Undergraduate - 3a
Undergraduate - 4g
Philosophy, Politics and Economics BA/BSc (UCAS L0V0)
Engineering Business Management BEng (UCAS HN12)
Undergraduate - 3i
Engineering BEng (UCAS H100)
Accounting and Finance (UCAS NN34)
Computer Science BSc (UCAS G400)
Management BSc (UCAS N200)
Mathematics BSc (UCAS G100)
Biomedical Science BSc (UCAS B900)
Undergraduate - 3a
Undergraduate - 5b
Undergraduate - 3c
Undergraduate - 3a
Undergraduate - 3c
Undergraduate - Economics BSc (UCAS L100)
Undergraduate - 3i
Undergraduate - 3c
Undergraduate - 3c
Undergraduate - 3a
Biological Sciences BSc (UCAS C100)
Undergraduate - 3i
German and Theatre Studies BA (UCAS RW24)
Undergraduate - 3c
Undergraduate - 3e
Hispanic Studies and Global Sustainable Development BASc (UCAS R4L8)
Modern Languages BA (UCAS 8R73)
Undergraduate - 3e
Undergraduate - 3a
Hispanic Studies with Film Studies BA (UCAS RP43)
English and Hispanic Studies BA (UCAS QR34)
German and History BA (UCAS RV21)
German with Film Studies BA (UCAS R2P3)
Undergraduate - 3e
German and Business Studies BA (UCAS RN21)
German and Economics (BA) (UCAS R2L1)
Media and Creative Industries BA (UCAS P301)
Modern Languages and Economics BA (UCAS R9L1)
Physics with Business Studies BSc (UCAS FN31)
Cyber Security BSc (UCAS H651)
Psychology with Education Studies BSc (UCAS C804)
English and German BA (UCAS QR32)
Psychology BSc (UCAS C800)
Accounting and Finance, with Foundation Year (UCAS N4N4)
Economics, Politics and International Studies BSc or BA (UCAS LLD2)
Educational Leadership and Management (MA) (2022 Entry)
MPhil/PhD in Statistics (2022 Entry)
International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation (LLM) (2022 Entry)
Sustainable Energy Technologies (MSc) (2021 Entry)
Psychotherapy and Counselling (MSc) (2022 Entry)
MPhil/PhD in Literary Practice (2022 Entry)
Education (MA) (2022 Entry)
International Relations (MA) (2022 Entry)
Global Education and International Development (MA) (2022 Entry)
Business and Finance (MSc) (2022 Entry)
MRes/PhD Business and Management (2022 Entry)
Electrical Power Engineering (MSc) (2022 Entry)
Culture of the European Renaissance (MA) (Full-Time, 2022 Entry)
Tunnelling and Underground Space (MSc) (2021 Entry)
Management for Business Excellence (MSc) (2022 Entry)
Film and Television Studies (MA) (2022 Entry)
Advanced Legal Studies (LLM) (2022 Entry)
Accounting and Finance (MSc) (2022 Entry)
International Commercial Law (LLM) (2022 Entry)
International Cultural Policy and Management (MA) (2022 Entry)
Digital Media and Culture (MA) (2022 Entry)
MA by Research in History of Art (2022 Entry)
French Studies
English and Comparative Literary Studies
Medicine (MB ChB) (2022 Entry)
History of Art (Graduate Diploma) (2022 Entry)
MPhil/PhD in History of Art (2022 Entry)
MPhil/PhD in Linguistics (2022 Entry)
International Development Law and Human Rights (LLM) (2022 Entry)
History of Art and Visual Studies (MA) (2022 Entry)
MA by Research in History (2022 Entry)
MPhil/PhD in History (2022 Entry)
Accepted English language tests
Humanitarian Engineering (MSc/PGDip/PGCert/PGA) (2022 Entry)
Philosophy and the Arts (MA) (2022 Entry)
Philosophy (MA) (2022 Entry)
Departmental English language requirements
Human Resource Management and Employment Relations (MSc) (2020 Entry)
Medical School, Warwick
English language information & entry requirements
Creative and Media Enterprises (MA) (2022 Entry)
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