University of Stirling Courses & Fees

University of Stirling Courses

The University of Stirling UK offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

Here's a list of some of the University of Stirling UK Courses and University of Stirling UK Fees:


Undergraduate Courses:

  • Business Studies: £16,940 per year (UK/EU), £20,140 per year (International)

  • Computer Science: £16,940 per year (UK/EU), £20,140 per year (International)

  • English Studies: £16,940 per year (UK/EU), £19,100 per year (International)

  • Psychology: £17,940 per year (UK/EU), £19,100 per year (International)


Postgraduate Courses:

  • MBA: £20,500 (UK/EU), £21,600 (International)

  • Information Technology: £12,680 (UK/EU), £17,240 (International)

  • Masters in Social Work: £8,280 (UK/EU), £14,800 (International)

  • Public Health: £9,390 (UK/EU), £14,420 (International)


PhD Programs: 

  • The tuition fees depend on the program and are subject to change. As an estimate, the fees range from £4,700 to £19,810 per year for UK/EU students, and from £16,610 to £24,600 per year for international students.

Certification Courses: 

  • The fees for certification courses vary depending on the course and duration. However, the University of Stirling offers a range of free short courses and digital media skills programs that can be accessed online.

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