Masters in Data Science in the USA


06 March 2023


Everyone’s talking about Data Science. It is the new big thing! You can choose to study it in India at a prestigious university or go abroad for about the same tutition fee and a more exciting. Do we need to give you the low-down on why studying abroad is a better choice?

Read along and let us convince you to pursue Masters in Data Science in America.


Masters in Data Science in the US

In the USA, a Master in Data Science is a 2-year MS degree offered by most US universities. A postgraduate program in Data Science is designed to develop data by combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills.


The course will equip students with skills to collect, analyze, and organize data so that the data becomes useful for making strategic business decisions. While pursuing this course, students will gain insight into using software to analyze and synthesize data from large data sets.

Generally, to complete a degree in Data Science, students have to earn approximately 30 credits. A few universities may also ask students to submit a project at the end of the program.

MS in Data Science includes various modules such as -

  • Technology Project Management

  • Data Optimisation

  • Statistics

  • Data Mining

  • Social Media Analytics for Business

  • Business Process & Data Analysis

  • Programming for Data Analysis

  • Information Security

  • Research Methods for Technology Dissertations

Why Study MS in Data Science in the USA?

Here are a few reasons why international students choose to study Masters in Data Science in the USA:

  • Data Science is considered one the fastest growing fields in America after computer science. There is a huge demand for graduates from data science courses in the US.

  • According to IBM's Analytics Department, around 61,799 new jobs for data scientists and other advanced analytics positions would be generated in the USA. Moreover, the United States Labour Statistics predicts a 20% rise in employment in the field of data science by 2028.

  • Since MS in Data Science is a STEM-accredited course, international students are eligible for a 3-year PSW (post-study work) permit after completing the program.

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue MS in Data Science

Students from various backgrounds, such as Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Business, Engineering, and Economics can pursue this course.

Before applying for a Master in Data Science in the US, international students must fulfil the criteria mentioned below:

  • 4 years of bachelor's degree in a relevant field with a minimum overall score of 65%.

  • Few top-notch universities may require Standardised Admission Test scores, such as GRE or GMAT.

  • English proficiency test scores (minimum 6.5 in IELTS with no band less than 6 or equivalent scores in any other proficiency test which your preferred university accepts).

  • Some universities may also ask for relevant field experience.

Documents Required to Study MS in Data Science

Here’s a list of important documents which you need to have for a Masters in Data Science Degree in America:

  • Academic Transcript (10th, 12th, and Bachelors)

  • Standardise admission test scores (GRE/ GMAT)

  • English proficiency test scores (IELTS/ TOEFL/ Duolingo/ PTE)

  • Statement of Purpose (make sure that you include your goals, achievements, and experiences while writing the SOP)

  • Letters of Recommendation (For MS in Data Science, students require a minimum of 2 to 3 LORs, at least one from an academic institution and one from your employer)

  • Work experience certificate

  • Updated resume

  • Valid passport

Best Universities for Masters in Data Science in the US

In US, around 70 universities offer MS in Data Science for international students. Some of the top universities offering Masters in Data Science in US are:

  • Harvard University

  • Stanford University

  • Yale University

  • Columbia University

  • New York University

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Duke University

  • University of Washington

  • Arizona State University

  • University of Michigan

Scholarships to Pursue MS in Data Science in the US

The decision to studying abroad is not rocket science when you have a plethora of scholarship options to help you pay for school.  Some of the best scholarships available for international students pursuing Masters in Data Science in USA are mentioned below.



Offered By


Data science scholarships for international students in the USA

University of Southern California


Northeastern University Data Science Global Scholarship

Northeastern University


ACM SIGHPC Computational and Data Science Fellowship



Acxiom Diversity Scholarship



Google SVA Scholarship

Google and SVA


Robert S. McNamara PhD Research Fellowships 2021-2022

World Bank Robert S. McNamara


Seth Bonder Scholarship for Applied Operations Research in Health Services

Seth Bonder Foundation

$5,000 ($4,000 financial support,$1000 travel, and $2000 additional by Seth Bonder Foundation)

UPE/ACM Scholarship

International Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines, aka Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) and the ACM



With the growing dynamicity and complexity of business models, the demand for Data Science courses is increasing continuously. Top recruiters like NVIDIA, Gearset, Adobe, and OpenAI select their employees from US universities. Some of the best job roles once you graduate with a Master’s degree in Data Science and the average salary for these roles are mentioned below.

Job Role

Average Salary in USD (per year)

Big Data Engineer


Analytics Managers


Data Scientists


Data Visualisation Specialist


Data Systems Developers      


Functional Analysts




Data Analysts



Are you now convinced that studying Data Science in America gives you better yields? To learn more contact our counsellors at one of our branches and let us help you begin your career in Data Science.


Q: What is the average cost of studying Data Science in the US?
A: The cost of studying data science in US varies from university to university. However, the average cost of studying Masters in Data Science in America is from 25,000 USD to 60,000 USD annually.


Q: What is the duration of an MS in Data Science in USA?
A: The typical duration of a Master of Science (MS) in Data Science program in the United States is 1-2 years. The exact length of the program may vary depending on the specific institution and program structure.


Q: Can I apply for MS in Data Science in USA without GRE test scores?
A: Yes, some universities and programs in the USA offer admission to MS in Data Science without requiring GRE scores. However, this may vary from institution to institution, and it's best to check with the specific university you're interested in applying to. Some universities may accept alternative standardized tests like GMAT or LSAT or may have their own requirements, so it's important to review the admission criteria carefully.


Q: Is master’s in data science and analytics in demand in the USA?
A: Since the US is a hub for newly emerging businesses, it is considered the largest market for data science analytics. The country offers huge job prospects for graduates from data science courses.

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