Duolingo Accepting Universities in Canada for 2024

Duolingo Accepting Universities in Canada for 2023


16 December 2022




It was the year 2014 when Duolingo came with an English Language Proficiency Exam. After that, it became popular due to its various advantages.

Duolingo is accepted by worldwide universities, including the UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and some European universities, as an alternative to IELTS and TOEFL.

Canada is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for international students. Currently, 1.8 lakh Indian students are enrolled in Higher Education in Canada. Most of the Universities in Canada accept Duolingo scores to check English proficiency.


Why Duolingo?


Duolingo evaluates the examinee based on certain criteria, which include the following-

  • Listening
  • Reading

  • Speaking

  • Writing

 Let us look at the various benefits of the Duolingo English Test (DET).

Effective Cost

Students who dream of studying abroad always look for alternative options to reduce their expenses. Regular tests can cost you up to $200, but Duolingo takes a minimal fee of $49 for the same English Skill Test. It gives the aspirants a big relief in terms of cost-cutting.

Test Accessibility

Duolingo allows the candidate to take English Proficiency Test from anywhere according to comfortability. This benefit was not available with other exams earlier. IELTS in the recent time gave this opportunity to the aspirants.

Shorter Duration of Tests

Duolingo Exam is carried out within 1 hour, and other conventional tests generally take 2-3 hours. Thus you can say that the Duolingo English test is the quickest out of all.

Quick Results

IELTS or TOEFL Exams generally take 5-10 days to publish their result, whereas Duolingo announces results within 48 hours. This helps students to get admission in top universities in Canada at the last moment.

Practice Tests

It is necessary that students get a platform where similar pattern mock tests are present for their present. Duolingo practice test helps students practice for the final exam. This way, they can easily get the score required for admission to the best universities in Canada.


Canadian Universities accepting Duolingo


There are almost 100 universities in Canada accepting the Duolingo English test.

The below table highlights the name of the top universities in Canada that consider DET. It will help you choose the best universities in Canada for master’s and graduation according to your scores.

Below are the information of top 3 universities in Canada which accept the Duolingo test scores:

List of universities in Canada

University Name

Minimum DET Required

Intake Deadline

University of Toronto


February 1, 2023

University of Alberta


March 1, 2023

University of British Columbia


January 15, 2023

University of Calgary


March 2023

University of Ottawa


May 15, 2023

University of Waterloo


February 1, 2023

MacMaster University


April 23, 2023

Queen's University


February 1, 2023

Concordia University


February 1, 2023

Carleton University


March 1, 2023

Ontario Tech University


January 2023



University of Toronto


University of Toronto is ranked 18th in the list of top universities across the world by 2021 Times Higher Education. According to the university website, 120 DET overall score is required for admission.

Students who wish to apply for the 2023-2024 process need to complete their application by January 12.


University of Alberta


University of Alberta is part of the top 5 Universities in Canada and studying here is a life-changing decision. University provides a rich student experience with almost 200 UG courses. The top courses in Canada offered by the university are as follows:

  • Petroleum Engineering

  • Nursing

  • Environment Science & Engineering

  • Instrument Science & Technology

  • Chemistry, Food Science & Technology

  • Agriculture Science

The University of Alberta is accepting the Duolingo English Test till the next 2024 winter admissions. For all the courses, at least 120 DTE scores are required.


University of British Columbia


With a research budget of approx $750 million, the University of British Columbia is one of the best higher education institutes to choose for admission to universities in Canada.

Like the other universities, it also asks for English proficiency test scores from students whose primary language is not English. Any applicant with a minimum score of 125 on the Duolingo English test is eligible for admission. DET scores will accept on a provisional basis till 2025 summer admission.


Requirement for Duolingo English Test


Duolingo exam is one of the best ways to evaluate the English proficiency of the candidate. To take the test, below are some of the basic requirements which need to be met.

  • A good speed Wi-Fi connection

  • Room with proper lighting

  • Browser which supports Duolingo extensions

  • Microphone

  • Speakers for clear audio

  • Front came on the device


Duolingo Exam Pattern


Duolingo English Test (DET) is designed in a way that it gets difficult with every correct answer the candidate gives. Thus it is advised to take the Duolingo practice tests for better scores on the final exam. The English language proficiency is tested through some of the below-mentioned ways:-

  • To pick the correct English words from the wrong ones

  • Completing the text by choosing the missing letters

  • Type-in the phrase or sentence heard

  • Narrate an image given

The candidate has to speak on a couple of topics given, and the same goes with the writing as well. This process is done through a video interview.


How to send Duolingo scores?


You will receive the test scores within 48 hours on the result page. On the result page, there is an option of sending the scores to your universities directly. There is no particular limit sent for sending the scores.

The universities accepting Duolingo English test scores are increasing. Thus the aspirants who wish to study abroad should also look for this option to test their English proficiency.


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