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Although the dream of every second person on this planet Earth is to study abroad and live a different lifestyle, we also cannot ignore that deciding to study abroad can be a financial constraint. Especially when the destination is UK, everyone thinks that studying in UK is always expensive and not a cup of tea for everyone. But if we give you a list of the cheapest universities in the UK which are known for their presence and quality education, it can ignite a flame of hope in those who are sincerely interested in pursuing a higher education abroad in countries like the UK. So, if you want to know more about cheap UK universities to study in UK, check out this blog.

Study in UK University in Budget

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Why Study in the UK?

With over 130 universities, the UK is a popular destination for international students that offer world-class education. Besides its highly sought-after degrees, here are some reasons why the UK is a hot destination for study abroad dreams.


Shorter courses – Undergraduate courses in the UK end in 3 years with shorter options for integrated courses as well. This means that students generally end up spending less money for shorter durations to earn a reputable degree from their choice of professional courses.


Cultural Diversity – With over 200,000 international students studying in the UK, you mingle with a diverse set of crowds. This in turn helps you gain knowledge about different languages and cultures.


Work while you study - The UK government allows international students to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week and full-time during the holiday season.


Lucrative Job Prospects - Employers from top companies prefer graduates from top universities with skills and this is one of the reasons why graduates get internships immediately after passing out from UK universities.


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Cheapest Universities in the UK For 2022

For those who are planning to study in the UK on a more cost-effective budget, here we list the cheapest universities in the UK.


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Other Cheapest Universities in UK

Sheffield Hallam University

  • Location in the UK - Sheffield, England    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £7,230 (INR 7, 46,701)


University of Central Lancashire    

  • Location in the UK - Preston, England    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £14,500 (INR 14, 97,533)


Liverpool Hope University     

  • Location in the UK - Liverpool, England    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £11,400 (INR 11, 77,371)


University of Bedfordshire    

  • Location in the UK - Luton, England    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £12,900 (INR 13, 32,288)


University of Hertfordshire    

  • Location in the UK - Hatfield, England    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £13,450 (INR 13, 89,091)


The University of the West of England    

  • Location in the UK - Bristol, England
  • Average Tuition Fees - £13,250 – £15,750 (INR 13, 68,436 – INR 16, 26,631)


University of Westminster    

  • Location in the UK - London, England     
  • Average Tuition Fees - £12,000 (INR 12, 39,338)


Queen Margaret University    

  • Location in the UK - Musselburgh, Scotland    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £13,000 (INR 13, 31,420)


University of Wales Trinity Saint David    

  • Location in the UK - Wales, UK    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £11,000 (INR 11, 26,889)


Plymouth Marjon University    

  • Location in the UK - Plymouth, England    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £11,000 (INR 11, 26,889)


Buckinghamshire New University    

  • Location in the UK - Wycombe, England    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £11,000 (INR 11, 26,889)


Ravensbourne University London    

  • Location in the UK - London, England    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £10,800- 13,500 (INR 11, 06,220 – INR 13, 82,533)


University of Sunderland    

  • Location in the UK - Sunderland, England    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £10,500 (INR 10, 75,303)


The University of West Of Scotland    

  • Location in the UK - Paisley, Scotland    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £10,600 (INR 10, 85,651)


Suffolk University    

  • Location in the UK - Suffolk and Norfolk, England    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £10,080 (INR 10, 32,393)


Royal Agricultural University    

  • Location in the UK - Cirencester, England    
  • Average Tuition Fees - £10,000 (INR 10, 24,349)

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