Best Russell Group Universities to Apply

Best Russell Group Universities in UK (Apply to 2024)


07 December 2023



Studying abroad is a nerve-wracking experience. Choosing to pack up your life from one place and build it from scratch in another takes courage. Amidst all this, choosing the right country and university is of the utmost importance. While there are many countries to choose from, we suggest you study in UK and apply to the best Russell Group universities to give wings to your study abroad dream.


Russell Group universities are some of the UK's most prestigious institutions of higher education. You might not be familiar with all of them, but you must have heard of Oxford or Cambridge, right? However, they are not the only ones. There are plenty of options for you to choose from that perfectly align with your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Explore this blog and get more information about the best Russell Group universities to apply to in 2024.


What is the Russell Group?

The Russell Group is a group of 24 self-selected universities in the UK. All these universities advocate and focus on research-intensive education and share a reputation for academic excellence. These best Russell Group universities UK are equivalent to Ivy League universities in the USA.


A Little Sneak-peak into the History of Russell Group

To explore and discuss the future of higher education in the UK, the vice-chancellors and principals of the 17 most well-known and research-intensive universities, including the University of Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, and Imperial College, got together in 1994.


This conference took place at a hotel named Russell Group, after which the group chose their name. It is now known as the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel.


The main topic of discussion at the conference was the 17 universities on the list. The founders of Russell Group institutions stated that the goal was to “help ensure that the universities have optimum conditions to flourish and continue to make social, economic and cultural impacts through their world-leading research and teaching.”


Afterwards, a plan was set in motion to fund and manage the universities. Eventually, the number of these best Russell Group Universities grew and became home to many students from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Founded in 1994, the organisation has its headquarters in Cambridge and advocates the interests of its members, primarily before the UK government and parliament. 


List of all the Russell Group Universities

The table below lists all 24 Russell Group universities along with the Russell Group Universities QS world ranking 2024.

University Name

QS World Ranking 

University of Cambridge


University of Oxford


Imperial College London


University College London


University of Edinburgh


University of Manchester


King’s College London


London School of Economics and Political Science


University of Bristol


University of Warwick


University of Leeds


University of Glasgow


Durham University


University of Southampton


University of Birmingham


University of Nottingham


University of Sheffield


Newcastle University


Queen Mary, University of London


University of Exeter


Cardiff University


University of York


University of Liverpool


Queen’s University Belfast


Best Russell Group Universities

All the Russell Group universities are considered prestigious and known for their global rankings. Of course, deciding which one is best depends on your needs and your choice. The right university is the one that has the right degree for you. Nevertheless, the universities below are the top-ranked Russell Group Universities to apply to in 2024. 


Apart from the universities mentioned above, the University of Exeter, University of Leeds, University of Sheffield, Newcastle University, etc., are ranked as some of the best Russell Group universities by different student-centred metrics like accommodation, etc.



To sum up, Russell Group universities are excellent academic institutions with a very distinguished brand and a high student satisfaction rate. Additionally, they boast high global rankings and their degrees are valued worldwide. Hence, while considering to study in UK, these universities should be on your list.


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Q1. What are the Russell Group universities?

Ans. The Russell Group is a renowned association of 24 leading research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom. Some of the universities in the Russell Group include the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the University of Manchester, University College London (UCL), Imperial College London, and the University of Edinburgh, among others.


Q2. Which Russell Group universities are considered the best to apply to in 2024?

Ans. While rankings may vary, some of the top Russell Group universities to consider applying to in 2024 include the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), and the University of Edinburgh. However, it is important to research and consider individual strengths, programs, and suitability for your specific field of study.


Q3. What factors should I consider when choosing a Russell Group university to apply to in 2024?

Ans. When choosing a Russell Group university to apply to, factors you must consider include the reputation and rankings of the university, the specific programs and courses offered in your field of interest, the faculty and research opportunities available, campus facilities and resources, location and campus environment, and any additional requirements or criteria for admission.


Q4. What are the admission requirements for Russell Group universities?

Ans. Admission requirements for Russell Group universities vary depending on the university and the specific program you are applying to. Generally, they look for strong academic performance, including high grades in relevant subjects. Additionally, they may require standardised test scores (such as the UKCAT or BMAT for medical programs), personal statements, letters of recommendation, and interviews. It is advisable to review the specific admission requirements of each university and program you are interested in.


Q5. Are international students eligible to apply to Russell Group universities in 2024?

Ans. Yes, international students are qualified to apply to Russell Group universities in 2024. These universities welcome applications from international students and often have dedicated support services and resources to assist them throughout the application process and their academic journey. It is important to review each university's specific application requirements and procedures for international students.

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