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B Pharmacy Admission 2023 - Eligibility, Syllabus & Fees Structure


24 January 2023



Do you know that the global pharmaceuticals market is worth $300 billion? Earlier, the field of medicine and pharmacy were not separate. But today, they are different specialities.


Many students are opting to pursue different specialisations in it. The study abroad market is also seeing a boom in students choosing pharmacy courses. One such specialisation is the B Pharmacy course.


This blog will look at B Pharmacy courses and other information.

Why Study B Pharmacy Abroad?

International students holding a B Pharma degree from universities abroad are favourably deemed. This is due to the quality of education offered in the field by institutes. The course will help you become an essential part of the healthcare system. It will train you to provide medication for various diseases.


There are stable employment options for graduates of B Pharmacy from abroad. It helps get a global perspective of different global practices in the field. It also opens up different opportunities in personal and professional life.


The average salary of B Pharmacy graduates is very high compared to peers. It is best to pursue the course to study in USA. The country is famous for its advancements in the field. Also, the salaries in the USA after B Pharmacy is some of the highest worldwide.

Key Highlights of B Pharmacy Admission 2023

Some key highlights related to the B Pharmacy program abroad are below.

Key Highlights of B Pharmacy Abroad


Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma)


2-4 years, depending upon the university and country

Course Study Level



Above 60% in senior secondary

English Proficiency Exams



Entrance exams

Top Countries

USA, UK, Canada, Australia

Top Universities

University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Monash University, Harvard University, University of Toronto, UCL, etc.


INR 10 LPA - 45 LPA

Top Countries to Study B Pharmacy

Many countries offer B Pharma courses for international students. Some top countries to study the course are the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. The degree is four years in the UK, whereas, in the US, it is two years. The course fee might be expensive. But there are various scholarships available to international students. Germany, Russia, and Singapore are preferred destinations to study B Pharmacy abroad.

Top Universities

B Pharmacy is a degree that helps students learn about the complex processes of making drugs. While B Pharmacy is offered as an honours degree in some countries and as a bachelor’s in some. Harvard University is the best B Pharma university in the world.


Global renowned universities offer varying Pharmaceutical courses at the master’s level. QS World University ranks universities and their courses based on different metrics. The portal has ranked the universities below as the best for B Pharmacy abroad worldwide. 

Top B Pharmacy Universities Abroad

University Name


Harvard University


University of Cambridge


National University of Singapore


University of Oxford


Karolinska Institute


Monash University


Imperial College London


University of Tokyo


University of Melbourne


University of Michigan


University of Greenwich


John Hopkins University


University of Toronto


University of Alberta


University of Montreal


Top Specialisations

The B Pharmacy program comes with different specialisations. You can choose these specialisations according to your field of interest. Some of the top specialisations in the B Pharmacy program offered abroad are below.


  • Pharmacology

  • Clinical Practice

  • Microbiology & Immunology

  • Drug Discovery

  • Drug Development

  • Medical Chemistry

  • Clinical Pharmacy

  • Obesity & Weight Management

  • Veterinary Pharmacy

Eligibility Criteria

The exact B Pharmacy eligibility criteria for courses vary from university to country. A strong background in Chemistry is a must. Additionally, biology, physics and mathematics should have been major subjects in high school. You must have good grades in all these subjects. A good English language proficiency is necessary as B Pharma subjects are competitive. The basic B Pharmacy eligibility criteria to study abroad is below.


  • English Proficiency:

  • Science as a major in high school.

  • Above 65% in high school.

  • Good SAT scores

Fee Structure

Many top universities offer the B Pharmacy course. Fees are a major deciding factor behind choosing the course and the university. You must check the fee structure before applying. Although universities offer several scholarships. You can get the scholarship details from the university websites. The fee structure of institutes varies from one to another. The estimate of average B Pharma fees is below.

B Pharma Fees


Average Fees

University of Oxford

$ 41,770

University of Cambridge

$ 31,540

Monash University

$ 25,711

University of Nottingham


University of Manchester

$ 28,671

Harvard University

$ 43,672


Students learn five B Pharmacy subjects:


  • pharmaceutical technology

  • pharmaceutical biology

  • clinical pharmaceutics

  • pharmacology

  • medicinal chemistry.


The table below is the detailed syllabus common to most B Pharma courses.

B Pharma Subjects and Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Human Anatomy and Physiology Theory

Human Anatomy and Physiology II Theory

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Practical

Computer Applications in Pharmacy Practical

Pharmaceutics I Theory

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I Theory

Remedial Biology Practical

  Biochemistry Theory

Chemistry – Practical Communication skills

Computer Applications in Pharmacy Theory

Pharmaceutical Analysis I Theory

Environmental sciences

Remedial Biology/ Mathematics Theory


Communication skills

 Biochemistry Practical

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Theory

Human Anatomy and Physiology II Practical

Human Anatomy and Physiology Practical

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I Practical

Pharmaceutical Analysis I Practical


Pharmaceutics I Practical


Semester III

Semester IV

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II Theory

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III

Pharmaceutical Engineering Practical

Pharmacognosy I Practical

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Theory

Medicinal Chemistry I Theory

Pharmaceutical Engineering Theory

 Medicinal Chemistry I Practical

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II Practical

Physical Pharmaceutics II Theory

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Practical

Pharmacology I Theory

Physical Pharmaceutics I Theory

Pharmacognosy I Theory

Physical Pharmaceutics I Practical    

Physical Pharmaceutics II Practical


 Pharmacology I Practical

Semester V

Semester VI

Medicinal Chemistry II – Theory

Medicinal Chemistry II – Theory

Pharmacology II – Theory

Herbal Drug Technology –Theory

Industrial PharmacyI– Practical

Quality Assurance– Theory

Pharmacognosy II – Practical

Pharmacology III – Practical

Industrial PharmacyI– Theory

Pharmacology III – Theory

Pharmacognosy II – Theory

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics – Theory

Pharmacology II – Practical

Medicinal chemistry III –Practical

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence –Theory

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology– Theory


Herbal Drug Technology –Practical

Semester VII

Semester VIII

Pharmacy Practice – Theory

Pharmaceutical Marketing –Theory

Instrumental Methods of Analysis– Practical

Quality Control and Standardization of Herbals – Theory

Instrumental Methods of Analysis– Theory

Experimental Pharmacology –Theory

Novel Drug Delivery System –Theory

Pharmacovigilance – Theory

Industrial Pharmacy – Theory

Biostatistics and Research Methodology – Theory


Project Work


Computer-Aided Drug Design –Theory


Social and Preventive Pharmacy– Theory


Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science – Theory


Advanced Instrumentation Techniques – Theory


Cell and Molecular Biology –Theory


Q. What is B Pharma?
A. B Pharma or the bachelor of Pharmacy is the study of drugs, medicines, pharmaceutical engineering, medicinal chemistry.

Q. What are B Pharma fees?
A. The B Pharma fees depend on the university and the country. Generally, it costs between 10 LPA - 45 LPA.

Q. What is B Pharma full form?
A. B Pharma stands for the study of Bachelor of Pharmacy.

Q. Is there any B Pharma entrance exam?
A. Candidates must appear for English Language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. In addition, some universities ask for GRE scores.


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