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What are the documents required for a CAS application?



1	Unconditional Offer Letter from the University
2	 Fee deposit proof as mentioned in the offer letter
3	 Tuberculosis Certificate from the approved test center
4	 Letter from the bank (Educational Loan letter, FD letter, Current account Letter, etc.)
5	 Bank Statement showing 28 days matured funds
6	 FD receipts original (if applicable)
7	 Name Affidavit – if there is a name difference in the academic documents, passport, 
         birth certificate, bank accounts, etc. – format can be provided
8	 Birth Certificate – If funds are kept in the parent’s account
         Note: Should be in English, if not, to get the translation and attested by Notary public.
9	 Marriage Certificate – If funds are kept in spouse’s account. Translated (if not in English) and attested.
10	 Sponsorship Letter & Consent Letter – If funds are in third-party accounts.
11	 ATAS Certificate - Advanced Technology Approved Scheme Certificate (if applicable) – for those who 
         intend to do research in sensitive topics such as advanced conventional military technology, weapons 
         of mass destruction & delivery, etc.

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